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Businesses that serve beverages such as hot or cold coffee and tea use stick sugar for the sugar that customers want to use. With the use of this product, it provides many different advantages to the business and the customer. They are hygienic products only because they are personal. It offers the opportunity to adjust the amount of sugar, unlike cube sugar packages. For the food sector businesses, they are more profitable in order not to waste these products. By using their own logos and brand names on these products, companies can have a good impression in terms of advertising and institutionalism. You can also choose this advantage for your brand with the printed stick candy options at Mottocup.

What is Stick Sugar?

In the food sector, all businesses kept sweeteners such as sugar and salt on the tables. However, this situation started to change in terms of the hygienic dimension and overuse of the business. Now, certain amounts of granulated sugar are available in coated papers on every table. They are packaged in completely sterile environments without touching. It does not come into contact with air during its shelf life. Powdered sugar packages are easy-to-carry products, they do not require extra cleaning after use. In addition, stick sugar paper is one of the products that are seen as environmentally friendly with its recycling feature. Stick sugar production is made with sugar beet, sugar cane as in other options.

Stick Candy Models

Sugars, which are used in many food products, especially coffee and tea, are on the tables in businesses in their special forms for customers. If it is preferred for coffee and tea consumption, there are stick granulated sugar models that are specially packaged. We can separate them as white or brown granulated sugar. Brown sugar is the more popular option than white granulated sugar. It has a lighter and healthier content. We can see its varieties as 3 gr stick sugar and 4 gr stick sugar. These are almost equivalent to a sugar cube. However, you can consume less sugar by using the amount you want from the package in your drinks. There are also brand-printed stick candy options in terms of variety. Businesses can find candies with a separate design according to their slogan and name. You can choose the tones you want in the color option, and you can contact the stick candy manufacturers before ordering for stick candy production with logo and submit your designs. You can choose an advantageous order process with Mottocup, which has the most professional design and quality production option for your brand.

Why Stick Candy Is Preferred?

Businesses now benefit from the advantages of technology in providing hygienic rules. Sweeteners such as sugar and salt, which were served openly in the past, are now offered in packages in certain weights. If there is a clear presentation, these products will be accessible to everyone, and if they are exposed to elements such as air or water, they can take on an unhealthy form. Therefore, packaged candies became more preferable. Apart from being hygienic, other advantages it provides are as follows;

  • Stick candy can also be preferred with printed options. In this way, they provide institutionalization to companies.
  • With the production of printed candy, brands can also advertise.
  • Stick candy machine can produce a large number of products in a short time.
  • They can be easily transported. You can carry it with you on your travels and use it without spilling.
  • It costs less than granulated sugar. Since they are packaged, wastage is also avoided.
  • Printed Candy Stick Prices

If we look at the features that are decisive for stick sugar prices, we can start with the cost of sugar. A cost is calculated together with the sugar prices in the period when the order is placed. However, if the stick sugar is ordered wholesale, the cost is lower. In addition, the design, paper quality and weight size you prefer are added to these. There are the most preferred packaging options, 3 gr, 4 gr. Brown sugar or white granulated sugar preferences can also affect the cost. You can send the designs and quantity you want to Mottocup for your wholesale orders of printed candy sticks. It is important that you submit high resolution vector designs so that your designs can come out with better quality on paper. You can contact our company for more details and price information.