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Ice cream, which is consumed especially in summer, is among the favorite dessert options of most people. When manufacturers bring delicious ice cream options to customers, they need ice cream containers. Although some cafes prefer the glass option, many manufacturers have started to prefer cardboard ice cream containers with the increasing demand. As Mottocup, you can find ice cream containers in any size you want, whether for use in your homes or for your businesses.

Types of Ice Cream Containers

For those who cannot say no to ice cream flavor, ice creams are now obtained from their favorite flavors. Especially in the summer months, places that only produce ice cream are in demand enough to form rows. Dozens of different kinds of ice cream are served in ice cream bowls of the desired size. This is exactly where ice cream containers are needed. Places where there is a lot of demand have to prefer cardboard ice cream containers. This is both less costly and provides a more pleasant presentation with the desired designs. Apart from large, medium and small sizes, we can count products such as colored ice cream cups, printed ice cream cups, transparent ice cream cups, cardboard ice cream bowls as ice cream containers.

Cardboard Ice Cream Containers Features

Cardboard cups or cardboard bowls made of paper provide hygiene and comfort in every area they are used. There are options as single-walled or double-walled in their production preference. Although the double-walled cardboard option is mostly preferred for hot drinks and foods, it is also preferred for ice cream consumption as it shows high resistance to cold and impermeability. Cardboard bowls have a round shape. They are not very deep compared to the glass options. As the unit of measure increases, their width increases. In addition, cardboard ice cream bowl production and materials are not harmful to health. Since they are recyclable products, they are shown as eco-friendly products.

Ice Cream Container Prices

The options preferred as ice cream bowl cardboard vary according to the usage area. If you are a business owner, you may need a different container design. Here, you can use your company’s logo and slogan on colorful ice cream containers. In this way, you will get a more corporate and interesting service opportunity. If you are looking for an option to use in your home or office, you can enjoy ice cream with ready-made designs. As with other products, ice cream bowl prices may vary with production features, design and printed options. Cardboard ice cream container manufacturers can now produce a large number of products with the help of technology and produce the products with the desired designs. At Mottocup, you can choose the designs you want for the products in the sizes you want. For the most suitable ice cream container prices in wholesale purchase preferences

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Advantages of Using Cardboard Ice Cream Bowls

Places where demand is high, businesses spend less on ice cream container cardboard and presentation products, and they also gain time in cleaning the products. However, the advantages of using a cardboard ice cream bowl are not limited to these.

  • They have many options such as colorful, printed, plain designs.
  • You can use ready-made designs according to your taste, or you can use the designs you want in these products.
  • They are resistant to cold and heat. In cases such as the melting of ice cream, the product is prevented from flowing out with its sealing properties.
  • They have different sizes in small, medium and large sizes.
  • They are made from recyclable products. In this way, an environmentally friendly use is offered.
  • You can also use such products for your sweet treats in collective organizations and invitations.

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What are the Sizes of Ice Cream Containers?

The unit of measure in ice cream containers usually starts with 100 cc. Afterwards, there are also ice cream containers such as 150 cc, 200 cc, 230 cc, 300 cc, 400 cc, 430 cc, 500 cc and 1000 cc. 100 cc ice cream container is equivalent to 60 grams. The most standard usage is the cardboard ice cream bowl 200 cc.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Ice Cream Container

When choosing an ice cream bowl, users should consider in which area these products will be used. If it is for your business and if you have ice cream service based on the number of balls and quantity, you must have different sizes of paper ice cream containers. However, a standard size ice cream container will work for events such as picnics or mass organizations. A 200 cc ice cream container is generally ideal as a portion per person in such organizations. In both cases, considering the number of people, it will be less costly to order such as 1000 ice cream containers. Companies producing cardboard ice cream bowls can provide much more in mass production for mass organizations. Moreover, you can supply them in the designs you want. Apart from these, the design on the cardboard ice cream containers should be a printed ice cream container if it belongs to the enterprise. In this way, you can create a better image and advertise.