Disposable products, which are preferred for consuming food and beverage products, provide advantages to users in terms of practicality and cleaning. Among these options, produced with recycled products such as cardboard and plastic, straws are also used in the consumption of cold drinks. Disposable products are preferred with all kinds, especially in places where a crowded service will be held and in organizations. Although straws are left to the choice of use in these places, they are actually one of the very practical products that everyone prefers to use. In Mottocup, you can choose the colors you want in terms of pipette types and use them in your home or workplace.

What is a Plastic Straw?

Disposable products are the products most preferred by food and beverage venues and organizations. They have become the favorite products of business owners and users with both production and practicality of use. These products, which are produced in plastic and cardboard forms, can also replace almost any product produced with products such as glass, metal or ceramics at the point of food and beverage consumption. Straws are also one of the preferred disposable products for the consumption of liquid foods. It can be the answer to the question of what is a straw, that it is used with the help of drawing as if breathing through the beverage container. It is an important aid not only for adults but also for families in the consumption of liquid food and beverage by children. Plastic straws and cardboard straws are the most preferred options today. Some brands have also offered options such as glass straws to the preferences of the users. However, if there is a need in a disposable logic, plastic and cardboard options are much more ideal. Printed straws can be produced for businesses. Straw options with logo can also be created in the desired design in harmony with cardboard or plastic cups.

The Most Useful Plastic Straw Models

Organizations with the widest participation or concept events, gel-take-away venues and businesses that serve a large number of customers save time and money thanks to disposable products. Considering the differences in the specified usage areas, the preferred pipette models may also change. Plastic frozen straw is preferred for the consumption of cold drinks. They may be of a larger size than other straws. They are generally 8 mm in diameter. Cocktail straws and shaped straws are also available in different models such as thick straws and thin straws. You have a lot of options in front of you in terms of their lengths, colors and design. Since businesses generally prefer cardboard and plastic disposable products, black pipette, transparent pipette, printed frozen pipette options are in demand. However, if there is a particulate beverage consumption at the point of use, the frozen pipette provides better consumption. You can also choose this product as a red, orange, blue or black frozen pipette and adapt it to your business concept.

Plastic Straw Usage Areas and Advantages

Whether the beverage container is glass or cardboard, straws can be preferred for consuming products. Since cardboard cups or plastic pet cups can be used with their lids, straws provide great convenience to users at the point of consumption of beverages. Straws, which are the most practical products for consuming the drink in sip, can be used on birthdays, restaurants, big organizations such as weddings and engagements, special celebrations, etc. We can see it in many more places. If we briefly touch on the advantages of using straws;

  • They can be optionally preferred in all areas with their bendable models and flat models.
  • Package options with 50 pipettes, 100 pipettes or more are available.
  • With their choice of hard plastic straws, they are not affected by heat in cold beverage consumption.
  • It prevents the drinks you will consume while traveling from spilling.
  • You can also consume your drinks more comfortably while walking.
  • Beverages are consumed without being exposed to substances such as dust in the external environment.
  • Pipettes produced in plastic and cardboard forms have a recyclable option.

Plastic Straw Prices

Although the production of disposable style products has almost the same operation, it can be produced differently by the manufacturers according to user needs. They differ in their designs, colors and printing options. The same is true for pipettes. Pipette manufacturers can produce in stages such as printing and color in line with their usage area and needs. Some models have a very different use with their bendable, colorful and cardboard umbrella figures. Colored straw, size or printed straw options affect the prices of straws. Since the prices of printed straws will have a more special design, their prices may be higher than standard options. However, wholesale purchase of such products is much more advantageous. Since these products are recycled after product consumption, they may run out in a very short time. That’s why most individuals and businesses turn to wholesale options. At this point, as Mottocup, we meet your pipette order needs with the most beautiful designs and options. With advantageous payment options and delivery, your organizations and businesses will have the most stylish products.