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16 oz Noodle Cup

Noodle, one of the famous tastes of China in Central Asia, is consumed with admiration all over the world. So much so that boutique restaurants that only produce noodles are among the places that attract a lot of attention today. It has started to take its place in our kitchens with such interest. Places such as restaurants and cafes serve this flavor with a very practical cardboard container. In Mottocup, which offers you a more professional and creative solution for your noodle container needs, you can use the designs you want in the containers and choose them in different sizes.

Cardboard Noodle Container Types and Features

Noodle container options also have a wide variety in order to consume the noodle flavor used in cardboard containers more comfortably. Unlike other containers, noodle containers have a wide and deep feature. In this way, the noodle can be easily consumed without scattering and spilling. It can be carried more comfortably as it has a closed design on the mouth of the container. Takeaway or gel-take-style places prefer these containers with this feature. While the products are served in special pasta bowls when consumed in the venue, these noodle bowl types are very useful for a comfortable and healthy transportation in takeaways. Moreover, it ensures that the product is consumed freshly without losing its temperature much.

Cardboard Noodle Container Usage Areas

Noodles, also known as pasta, noodle dishes, can also be made at home. Noodles made in restaurants and homes are made ready for service with special pasta bowls. However, mass production places, cafes, take-away places, takeaway places, etc. places serve with a variety of cardboard noodle containers. The advantages of using these containers are, first of all, that it offers a more hygienic use. Since the products are kept in a closed box, they are protected against spills and are also protected from environmental factors. Since there are also printed noodle bowl options, the products can be preferred in all eating and drinking places. You can also choose these products in your own large dining organizations. In a dinner program for your company, you can serve the noodle preferences with containers with your company’s logo.

Noodle Container Prices

In noodle preferences, especially places such as restaurants can offer the desired amount to the preference. Therefore, there are noodle box types such as small, medium and large size. With the cardboard feature of the containers, their choices such as printed or colored noodle boxes, their diversity is also increasing. It is generally known as a 16 oz standard noodle box. However, there are also varieties such as 22 oz, 26 oz. The price of the noodle box is determined as a result of all these features. You can find all products used as cardboard containers in Mottocup. Lunch box, ice cream container etc. Apart from products such as noodle box, you can order your choice with advantages.

Noodle Container Measurement Unit Features

There are standard varieties as a unit of measurement in noodle containers. The most common usage size is the 16 oz noodle container, as well as the 26 oz noodle container for those who prefer larger portions.

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Noodle Container Usage Advantages

As with the use of cardboard cups and cardboard food containers, using cardboard noodle containers also provides advantages. If you are a business owner, you can choose your company’s logo and designs in these products for noodle treats. This shows that you are more professional in your service. In addition, a safer and hygienic transportation is provided during transportation in package services with cardboard noodle boxes. In wholesale cases, cardboard noodle boxes are much less costly. With 1000 noodle boxes, you will pay less cost as a service container in their business. In addition, cardboard noodle bowls provide great convenience when serving.

Things to Consider While Buying Noodle Container

The first point you should pay attention to in terms of how to buy a noodle box for your business or for your own use is the amount of usage to be demanded. If you serve noodle with a standard portion, you can choose options such as 16 oz. However, if you are going to serve small, medium and large portions, you should also prefer noodle boxes in different measurement units. You should also use special designs for your businesses in these containers. Pay attention to the design here, as the mouth of the boxes is closed. It is very important that there is no problem at the closing point. As Mottocup, we prepare the most beautiful designs for your businesses for noodle containers and produce the products with care. The most suitable advantages are also provided for you in your wholesale purchase requests.