Along with disposable products, many habits in our daily life have also changed. Especially for businesses, a great convenience has been achieved. Many products such as cardboard cups, plastic cutlery, spoons, cardboard plates and bowls became one of the most demanded products for consumption places. On the other hand, you can also use them personally. The use of these products in places such as picnics, camps, offices, hospitals is both practical and hygienic. As they can be used individually, they can also be a good promotional tool for brands with their special designs. For this reason, cardboard cups are usually ordered in bulk. In this way, lower budgets are spent. Printed cardboard cups can be preferred as a wholesale for the special designs of institutions, companies or individuals.

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Wholesale Paper Cups

Paper Cups for Crowded Events

Apart from special designs, there are also ready-made designs for certain days. Colors suitable for the concept can also be preferred on birthdays. In addition, numbers indicating the age can be used in the design. This is just an example. Apart from this, this variety of designs can also be used in your business meetings, weddings, engagement parties, special invitations and cocktails. Especially in business meetings, cardboard coffee cups are bought wholesale. The most consumed hot and cold beverage types in offices are consumed much more hygienically through them. In addition, these products can be preferred as double and single walled cardboard cups. This variety is used in hot and cold drinks. You have the opportunity to choose all this variety in cardboard glass wholesale transactions.

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Wholesale Paper Cup Prices

There are different types of cardboard cups. First of all, the raw materials needed in their production increase their price day by day. In this context, if it is imported, its production requires higher budgets. Paper cup prices provide lower budget expenditures for businesses as long as they are purchased wholesale. Cardboard cup box options are higher for businesses. There are almost 500 numbers in a box. If you make your choices in this way, you can spend less on wholesale paper cup prices, which you should constantly invest in. These products may have different prices according to their weight values. There will be a different pricing between the wholesale prices of 7 oz paper cups and 32 oz. You can also browse through the options of wholesale cheap cardboard cups at Mottocup.

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Wholesale Paper Cups Order

Functional Wholesale Paper Cup Models

The advantage obtained in terms of price in wholesale cardboard cups can also be obtained in design. Production companies can produce products for institutions in the designs they want. When wholesale cardboard cups are to be procured, the files of the desired design are delivered to the company. Printing is requested by notifying the size of the product. Companies that serve mainly coffee drinks also use functional options with these products. Cardboard cup holders, cardboard cup lids and cardboard cup holder options can be requested together with the cups. They make use more practical and hygienic. There are also options such as single-walled and double-walled glass options.


Wholesale Cups in Different Sizes

At the point of consumption of hot or cold drinks, a different weight option is offered to everyone. Therefore, it can be said that cardboard cups have different oz values. This variety is also decisive for the wholesale price of cardboard cups. There are varieties in businesses starting with almost 4oz paper cups and up to 32oz paper cup options. Those with double walls and high oz value are known as ideal for cold drinks. You can use them in your workplace, home, travels with the desired colors and designs. You can follow the most advantageous options for the wholesale price of cardboard cups on Mottocup.