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Cardboard Cup Holder

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We prefer products such as cardboard cups and plastic cups when consuming our hot or cold drinks. Since it can be difficult to transport them directly in this way, additional products are also needed at the point of transport and handling. As many of us will know from daily life, cardboard cup holder products are very helpful in holding glasses without burning hands. Since the measurement units and oz values ​​of the preferred cardboard cups are different, there are also cup holders in various values. You can use these products in your business by having a design printed on them. Mottocup is a quality choice with the most advantageous prices and printing options for your wholesale orders. You can review the products on the site, you can create your orders by contacting us.

Paper Cup Holder Models

The name of the cardboard cup holder is also known as sleeve. They are produced from the same materials as cardboard cups. The cardboard cup holder sleeve, which is used by passing through the bottom of the glasses, prevents your contact with hot or cold, and allows you to carry the products in a better way. We can consider these products as designs and sizes in terms of diversity. There are 7oz cardboard cup holders, 8oz cardboard cup holders, 12oz cardboard cup holders, 14oz cardboard cup holders, 16oz cardboard cup holders in size types. Cardboard cup holders can also be produced with special designs of your brand in printing options. In this way, you will have a more corporate product use.

Advantages of Using Cardboard Cup Holders

There are many advantages of the products you will use as well as cardboard cups. While cardboard cup holders allow for the transport of more than one glass, cardboard holder products are also advantageous so that your hands are not sensitive to heat and cold. The hand-proof cup holder is also a product that you can easily carry with you. Businesses offer these cardboard coffee holder products as a promotion alongside cardboard cups. This means increased customer satisfaction. In addition, the name of the cardboard cup cover can be preferred without a design or with a design. Apart from the options offered as cup covers for your design printing, you also have the opportunity to choose your own designs.

Paper Cup Holder Prices

Mottocup can professionally meet your corporate designs and different demands in your cardboard sleeve preferences, known as handles. You can meet your needs by making a difference in line with the product range it offers and the diversity that these products have among themselves. You can see kraft and white sleeve jacket products as cardboard cup holders. You can order such designs with the desired measurement units or designs. The price advantages offered are also in a very suitable range for your wholesale shopping. You can have these products, which are absolutely sought after besides cardboard cups, with advantages at Mottocup. You can contact us to create an order for your products, and you can also send us the customization details on the products.