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16oz Soup Bowl


Along with recyclable cardboard products, almost all industries have increased the use of these “disposable” products. The fact that the production cost of the products is low and they are recyclable has provided advantages in every sense. As a soup bowl, a practical and easy presentation opportunity is obtained with cardboard soup bowls, especially in collective organizations. Mottocup also offers you this advantage with cardboard bowl types that will provide great convenience in organizations and which you can choose with peace of mind in your businesses.

Types of Cardboard Soup Bowls

In large organizations with dinner, cardboard bowls provide a great advantage for soups served before the main meals. It can be quite difficult to grow products made of materials such as glass and porcelain for hundreds of guests. Situations such as preparing and cleaning them before the presentation can cause loss of time and extra costs for organizations. Although such products are used in official or more corporate organizations, soup bowls are more preferred as cardboard in dinner organizations recently. We see these options in restaurants, companies that serve table d’hote, restaurants that serve home, and in organizations such as weddings and circumcision weddings. The cardboard bowl can be preferred with or without a lid. While the coverless version is preferred in restaurants or organizations, the places where orders are taken prefer the cover version.

Usage Areas of Cardboard Soup Bowl

These products, also known as paper soup bowls, have a wide range of usage areas. Companies that distribute food to workplaces, cafeterias of factories, school canteens and cafeterias, organizations such as weddings and circumcision, companies that distribute food during Ramadan, restaurants that serve table d’hote style, restaurants that take orders to homes, and many other companies or people like this, make cardboard soup bowls. prefers. Products that require much less cost in bulk purchases not only allow meals to be served more comfortably, but are also collected more easily and recycled. These products are also preferred in some places to serve salads. With its high resistance to heat, the dishes can be stored very comfortably.

Karton Çorba Kasesi Fiyatları

Büyük bir organizasyon düzenleyecek herkes karton kase toptan seçeneklerini tercih eder. Bu daha az maliyet ortaya çıkarır. Karton çorba kasesi en ucuz şekilde temin edilmek istenirse karton çorba kasesi 1000 adet ve 500’lü gibi seçeneklerle alınabilir. Bu teminlerde kağıt çorba kasesi fiyatları belirleyicisi karton kaselerin kalitesi ve kapaklı tercihleri olacaktır. Çorba kasesi kağıt ile üretiminde tek duvarlı veya çift duvarlı seçenekler görülür. Sıcağa karşı en yüksek korumayı sağlayan seçenekler, karton kaselerin baskılı ve renkli olması fiyata etki eder. En uygun ve firmanızı için özel tasarımları Mottocup’ta bulabilirsiniz.

Units of Measure in a Cardboard Soup Bowl

It is the most standard known and preferred 16 oz option in cardboard cups. The 16 oz cardboard soup bowl has a capacity of 470 cc. Apart from that, there are also 13oz cardboard soup bowls and 14oz cardboard soup bowls.

Paper Cup Turkey

What are the Advantages of Cardboard Soup Bowl Usage?

It provides a regular and hygienic treat in the catering of hot meals in collective catering organizations. You can choose them in any size you want for weddings, circumcisions, funerals or crowded events of companies. It is easier to carry than other service products and there is no need for cleaning afterwards. On the other hand, they do not harm the environment as they are recycled products. Apart from soup, it can also be used for dessert and salad. They do not carry the liquid substances such as olive oil and sherbet outside and provide a very clean use.

Things to Consider When Buying a Cardboard Soup Bowl

Make your choice according to the organization to be used and the number of uses in cardboard bowl preferences. If there will be a lot of participation, for example, food service in Ramadan, use in the cafeteria of a factory, etc. In some cases, cardboard soup bowls should be preferred as 500 or 1000 pieces. In your search for the most suitable cardboard bowl prices, give priority to the options where you can serve hot and cold treats in the most hygienic and robust way. If you are considering a more corporate catering or organization, you can print your own logo on these products and have them designed in the colors you want. If you want a special design in the soup bowl option offered in Mottocup, you can contact our company and send your requests.