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The need for cardboard containers has also increased with the increasing number of take-away places and takeaway options to homes. These products, which are especially popular with businesses due to their easy portability and preservation of hot food, also stand out with their low cost, production with the desired design and availability in required sizes. It also has a special lid to prevent the food from spilling out of the container. Thanks to the cardboard food containers, a disposable style practicality is not provided. Hot meals are consumed in these containers under more hygienic conditions. At Mottocup, you can supply as many products as you need by sending us the designs you want for your lunch box needs.

Types and Features of Cardboard Lunch Boxes

Cardboard containers are in almost every aspect of our lives. If we set off from our daily life, we go to restaurants, weddings, etc. We use cardboard containers in mass organizations, shopping malls, travels, offices, cafeterias at workplaces. Products can have different measurement units within the desired food gram. Since these food containers have a thicker cardboard form, they are resistant to hot and cold. In order for the food to be consumed more comfortably, the design of the cardboard food container has a wide and deep feature. Thus, leakage of food containers closed with lids is prevented. These products, which are produced in special machines, are designed in the most robust forms so that they do not leak from any point. When they come into contact with heat, they can remain as they were first produced without deteriorating the form in the cardboard part. Cardboard lunch box types are formed according to size differences.

Usage Areas of Cardboard Meal Containers

Today, most of the places we prefer for our lunch breaks at work provide their services with disposable food containers. Even though it serves its customers who prefer to eat inside the venue with dinner sets, the use of cardboard food containers has become a necessity with the increasing demand for takeaway service. We can see these products as food transport containers in takeaways. In workplaces, cafeterias, school canteens and cafeterias, hospitals, restaurants, weddings, circumcision and so on. organizations, catering organizations, iftar events in Ramadan, etc. Meals can be served with cardboard food containers at special day catering events. In addition, everyone can personally benefit from these products in their travels and picnic and camping-style activities.

Dinnerware Prices

Especially preferred by businesses and factories, the dining cabinet can be produced with the desired dimensions and designs. Apart from the standard designs presented, materials such as the logo of the enterprise can also be transferred to these products. Cardboard containers produced with special machines can be obtained in large numbers with mass production. There is no clear range for cardboard dinnerware prices. However, it can be noted that these products are low cost. The differences that affect the price can be said to be the generally preferred design, printed food carton box options and the size of the lunch box. At Mottocup, you can send us the size and design of the lunch box in accordance with your needs and you can provide them at advantageous prices.

Meal Container Measurement Unit Features

There is no standard unit of measure for the lunch box. Because the food we will consume with the lunch box is in different portions, we can see different sizes in the food containers.

550 cc cardboard lunch box, 750 cc cardboard lunch box and 1000 cc cardboard lunch box are the preferred sizes for these needs.

Advantages of Using Cardboard Lunch Box

If you have a large customer potential business or if you have a dinner organization, you will be advantageous in every sense with disposable food containers. First of all, these products reach you at a lower cost as they are mass-produced. With options such as 500 lunch boxes and 1000 cardboard lunch boxes, you save time in your services, you do not need to collect or clean after-dinner service products. Since cardboard food containers are in recyclable form, their disposable feature is known as eco-friendly. They are used comfortably in hot and cold food consumption. With the heat-resistant cardboard food container, the meals do not lose their temperature too much in takeaways.

In addition, they provide practicality in the transportation of meals as portable lunch boxes.

Things to Consider While Buying Lunch Box

Although choosing cardboard containers gives you great advantages, you should consider your own needs when choosing them. You should choose a lunch box suitable for the meals you will serve in your business or organization. If there will be a 2-3 course meal presentation, you can use different sizes such as 550 cc, 750 cc. If there will be snack products next to the meals, you can serve them with a cardboard potato box. For cardboard hot food containers, you should pay attention to single-walled or double-walled options. If hot food is to be served, choose more durable forms. If a product is to be preferred for the business, you can choose colored and specially printed cardboard food containers for a more professional service.