Double Wall Paper Cup

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Double Wall Paper Cup

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Double Wall Paper Cup

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Double Wall Paper Cup

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Double Wall Paper Cup

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We can see single-walled and double-walled options in the production of cardboard cups. These are determined according to their usage areas. Double wall paper cups, also known as double wall paper cups, have an extra layer compared to single wall paper cups. In this way, the chances of crushing and tearing are lower, preferred hot and cold beverages lose their heat more slowly. It can also be easy to carry, as it feels very little heat. Almost all businesses prefer paper cups with single and double layer options. In Mottocup, you have the advantage of choosing each cardboard cup as single or double walled. They can also be specially designed for your brand.

Printed Double Wall Paper Cups

It is a very good promotional tool for brands to have their products specially printed. In addition, they are in a much more corporate position in the eyes of customers. The brands that offer coffee varieties are increasing day by day. And these brands also benefit from these services in their service products for a professional presentation. Products such as napkins, trays, paper sugar bowls, cardboard cups, cardboard bags, cardboard cup holders can be produced with brand-specific designs. Double-walled paper cups provide customers with a much more comfortable and safe consumption experience. There are different sizes such as 4 oz, 7 oz, 8 oz double wall paper cups, 12 oz double wall paper cups, 14 oz Double Wall Paper Cups.

Double Wall Paper Cup Features

The production process of paper cups is done in factory environments where there are special machines for these processes. They can be produced with the desired length, mouth width and width options by entering the desired dimensions into the system. Cellulose and PE coating are used in their production. We know PE for its non-dissipating structure when it comes into contact with beverages. Thus, beverage contact with cellulose is prevented. However, it is also possible to produce with different materials. It is the papers with high cellulose content that determine the quality of the product. Double Wall glass production is the products used more than these materials. In this way, they offer higher quality printing options, they can be used easily in all hot and cold beverages, and they have a non-hand-burning structure. All this can be given as an answer to the question of what is a double wall paper cup.

Usage Areas of Double Wall Paper Cups

We can see cardboard cups in many places in our daily life. We know that these products are used in many places and institutions such as hospitals, cafes and restaurants, cafeterias, canteens, travel companies. They are preferred in cafes with all their varieties. There are 7, 8, 12 oz Double Wall Paper Cups and 14 oz paper cups options for different consumption needs. In addition, products such as cardboard holders and cardboard cup holders are also used in the use of these products. You can also use these products individually or in your cars for your travels and consume your drinks. On special occasions, drinks can be served with these products in a large guest presentation in catering services.

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Double Walled Paper Cups With Advantage

Double Wall Paper Cup Printed options can give a higher quality appearance as they will have a thicker structure. Negativities such as crushing and tearing are very difficult to experience in this structure. In this way, mixing of the cellulose structure with the beverage is prevented and a healthier consumption process is experienced. Although they are double-layered, they are produced for recycling. Disposable consumption is environmentally friendly. With their quality printing options, these products are also a very important advertising tool for brands. They have non-flammable structures. you can choose these products for comfort in your cold or hot drinks. There are also options with different measurement units. There are also varieties of cardboard cup lids suitable for the products.

Double Wall Paper Cup Prices

In general, the determining factor for cardboard cup prices is the raw materials used. Since we mostly buy these items from abroad in our country, the prices are calculated as exchange rate index. Other elements are the design and the layer property. Printed double wall paper cups may have a different price compared to ready-made designs. However, wholesale cardboard cup orders offer a more advantageous price. In Mottocup, you can choose ready-made, plain white or special designs for your brand in these products. You can reach detailed information about advantageous options from our contact addresses, and you can take a look at our work on our Instagram address.