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Wet wipes, with which we can provide our personal hygiene in the most practical and fast way, have become a part of our daily life. It has become a must-have product in bags, offices, restaurants and cafes. For businesses, wet wipes are a service product that meets the hygiene needs of customers with various advantages. Every business that prefers printed wet wipes can thus advertise their brands at every stage. They also create a more corporate and reliable impression in the eyes of customers. Although they are mostly in a standard production, they may vary in size in some areas. In Mottocup, you can order the designs you create for your brand in these products at the most affordable prices.

Printed Wet Wipes

We all use 10 wet wipes produced by some brands for personal cleaning or surface cleaning. For businesses, these are preferred as single wet wipes. However, single options are also requested in wholesale. In terms of varieties, they have a difference according to their production. The outer material of the packages can be metallized triplex, coated paper. There are also different options with sizes. They can be preferred in sizes such as 5×10, 6×10, 6×14, 6×12, 7×10 and 7×12 cm wet wipes. Special sizes can also be offered to users. These are cup sizes and the wipes in them can also be in different sizes. Users can also choose the scent they want here. However, it is common to use with the smell of cologne in general. They are also available as standard and logo wet wipes.

Wet Wipes Packs Features

They have certain characteristics in the production and packaging of these products, which are also known as cologne wipes in the society. The alcohol content in the cologne is 70 percent. However, they provide the best sterilization process. Those without cologne do not contain alcohol. Wet wipes themselves are nonwoven fabrics obtained from the production of polyester and polypropylene. There are 2 years of consumption dates with the start of production dates. The product specifications that package the wipes may also vary. It is a product that you can easily carry with you as metallized triplex and coated paper do not deform. They can be used for hand cleaning and cleaning surfaces. They are disposable products, package features are environmentally friendly, recyclable. Printed wet wipes price options may be different than other products. However, a feature of these products is that they make their promotions for brands much simpler and more effective.

Where Are Wet Wipes Packages Used?

You can use these products for your brands as well as individually. Hotels, cafes, restaurants, travel companies etc. Every company in the transportation, food and service sector demands wholesale printed wet wipes. You can easily clean products such as cardboard bags and stick sugar with hygienic wipes.

Printed Wet Wipes Prices

The package options of the products include variety as mentioned above. There are many options in front of you with both materials and sizes. Apart from a standard design, you can also have it printed with the design you want. With such features, the wholesale prices of printed wet wipes may vary. Determination will affect the features you prefer. The size of the package, the size of the wet wipe and whether there is a preference with a logo determine the price you will get. Mottocup prints the designs you choose for your brand with the highest quality forms. You can get advantageous in your wholesale shopping by contacting our company in your search for the cheapest wet wipes.