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There are very practical service elements offered by businesses for the hot and cold drinks we consume outside. Especially in order not to spill the products consumed in cardboard cups, the cardboard cup lid provides a comfortable drinking and hygiene. With the lidded cardboard cup, you will have a much more comfortable use while carrying the products and also on your travels. Businesses can prefer a more pleasant presentation by using these service materials in special designs for their brands. You can reach the options that you will definitely want to choose, along with cardboard cups, from Mottocup.

Types of Paper Cup Lids

We often see cardboard cups in our daily lives. When we go to a place, straws, cardboard cup holders and cup lids are preferably offered to customers with our order. Although some people consume their drinks with the help of straws, especially hot drinks are consumed with the help of lids designed for comfortable use. cardboard cup lids are more durable in the consumption of hot drinks. Some people may want to consume cold drinks without even needing a lid. However, different models are produced to prevent cold drinks from spilling. cold drink cap

It stands out with its curved design. Flat models can also be used for hot and cold drinks. There may also be a difference in the point of the perforated cup lid. In cold drinks, the holes are usually in the middle of the lid, consumption is made with the help of a straw. the hot drink cover is such that its holes are on the side. It is also distinguished by the materials used in the production of paper cup lids. Silicone beverage lids are examples of plastic cup lids. Each of these can be preferred as a printed cup cover by making a special design.

Paper Cup Lid Production

The production of cardboard cup lids can also be done according to your needs. Covers can be completely unperforated when transporting products by courier system. Here, it is aimed that the product does not spill and does not lose its heat. Covers to be used in product consumption are given with it. You can see the covers to be used at the moving point with cardboard production. However, plastic or silicone models are used during their consumption. They are specially produced according to the dimensions of cardboard cups. They can be produced in any design you want. You can also choose the color and design you want on the covers that you prefer as curved or flat. Their thickness can also be adjusted, thus preventing the beverages from losing heat.

Paper Cup Lid Features

Portable cups produced with cardboard material are a great help for businesses. In the service part, time is saved, because the products do not need to be cleaned and, thanks to recycling, they offer an environmentally friendly use. It is specific to each client. It is much easier to use and transport. Cold or hot drink cup lids prevent drinks from spilling. Service providers also make use of the paper cup cover option while delivering the products. As they are heat resistant, they do not cause any tearing. They are produced with measurement units such as 7oz cardboard cup lids, 8oz cardboard cup lids, 12oz cardboard cup lids according to different cup sizes.

Paper Cup Cover Prices

You must also supply products such as lids and straws for the cardboard cups you will supply for your business. You can get these products at much more affordable prices with your wholesale orders. Since they are the most preferred products in your business on a daily basis, cardboard cup manufacturers offer these types of by-products in packages such as 500 or 1000. Cardboard cup cover price options can also be determined according to the quality you prefer. If you are going to choose standard sizes and flat models, you can find affordable prices. It is usually special designs, colors and special sizes that make the numbers higher. You can examine these products, which you want to supply for your business, on our site with their variety in sizes and models.

Considerations When Buying Cup Lids

When buying a glass lid, your priority is to determine the area to be used and what kind of glasses it will be used in. If your business has set a standard measure in its product offerings

The 7oz cup lid may be suitable for this use. However, for smaller and larger sizes, you should definitely choose covers in the dimensions according to them. If you have a service, you can also provide unperforated cardboard covers to prevent spillage of the products during the transportation process. Of course, by offering your customers caps to be used for product consumption as an extra. After these options, you can determine the design of the products to reflect the identity of your brand. Covers that match the color of your cardboard cups or the logo used can be more interesting.