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Single Wall Paper Cup

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Cardboard cups are more economical and healthier than plastic cups, and are suitable for both hot and cold beverage consumption. Our cardboard cups, which we produce with the latest technology, are shaped by design in the direction you want. Usage areas are generally fast food chains, cafes, corporate events. Paper cups that use oz as a unit of measure are divided into two as single-walled and double-walled.

As the name suggests, single-walled cardboard cups consist of a single layer. Besides being suitable for both hot and cold beverage consumption, if the beverage is too hot, using it with a cup holder will increase comfort and prevent hand burns. Single-walled paper cups, which can be produced in all sizes from 2.5 oz to 16 oz, are limited only by your imagination in terms of design and color.

The place of paper in our lives is not in the stationery sector. Paper technology is also used in the creation of decorative products or in the service of products such as food and beverage. Especially in office and outdoor consumption, cardboard cup products made of paper function a lot. Cardboard cups are much healthier than plastic options and offer a more practical use as they are disposable. The fact that they are disposable does not only benefit from the cleaning point of the work. Hospital, offices, school etc. They are also very beneficial for ensuring hygiene in public areas. Among these options, single-walled cardboard cups are products that consist of a single layer, but can be used easily for hot and cold drinks.

Healthy and Practical Single Wall Paper Cups

The number of layers in cardboard cups can change according to the need. Double-walled paper cups can be found to be more durable. Single-walled cardboard cup options are also very useful for hot or cold beverage preferences. However, there are dozens of different options that can meet different needs at the point of cup sizes. They are used in the consumption of products such as water, coffee, tea, Turkish coffee. Businesses that are highly demanded or provide take-away services generally benefit from these products. If there are coffee varieties such as Turkish coffee and espresso that are offered in lesser quantities, 4 oz cardboard cups can be preferred here. As the desired amount of beverage increases, the unit of measure will also change. While 7 oz paper cups or 8 oz paper cups are preferred for beverages such as coffee, tea, and water, 12 oz paper cups, 14 oz paper cups, 16 oz paper cups, 22 oz paper cups and 32 oz paper cups products are used when the desired amount of beverage increases or It can also be preferred for cold drinks.

Single Wall Paper Cup Features

Cardboard cup models, which can meet the needs of businesses thanks to their production facilities, also provide a great advantage in terms of cost. The production cost of cardboard cups made of paper is quite low. In this way, the need for glasses in the excess customer circulation will be met at the lowest cost. The fact that they are personal disposable also provides great benefits for both customers and businesses in their search for hygiene. Thanks to their recyclable production, they offer an environmentally friendly use. They are not harmful as they are degradable. The highest level of sealing is ensured in the production of single-walled cardboard cups. Thus, they provide a very clean use whether you prefer your office while traveling or on a daily basis. You can also customize these products with printed cardboard cup options. You can choose cardboard cups with the desired designs for your brand or workplace.

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Usage Areas of Single Wall Paper Cups

With the hygiene and convenience provided by its use, cardboard cups can be preferred in many areas. Disposable paper cups are used in hospitals, school canteens, workplaces, shopping malls, examination waiting rooms, cafes, restaurants, gyms, etc. In many places, cardboard cups are preferred. Those who want to add more corporateness to this use can also use these preferences as paper cup printing. There are also travel size options. You can easily use it for your treats in your car while traveling. In this way, you will avoid taking too many items with you. They can be a very practical choice for your beverage treats in large or small organizations.

The Most Useful Paper Cups for Your Home and Workplace

Paper cups can be a very useful choice for a large number of guests you will host at your home. In your birthday, engagement or small organizations, they will not bother you at the point of cleaning in your table setting at home. It also provides benefits such as hygiene, cleaning and fast service at workplaces. Apart from this, printed single-walled cardboard cups can also be used as a good advertising tool for businesses. Paper cups can be produced with company-specific designs for printing. Cardboard cup designs that will identify with your brand may be more interesting to customers. Processes such as writing names on products are only possible in cardboard cups.

Considerations for Single Wall Paper Cups

In your cardboard cup preferences, you will need to pay attention to some points in terms of both storage and design of the products. These are very important for your health and to use the products in the most useful way. Paper cups require a different measure for each beverage. While cardboard coffee cups are preferred in sizes such as 7.8 or 12 oz, they can be used in cold drinks as well as hot drinks in high measurement units. You should make a choice according to your usage needs. If you are offering a coffee or tea cup size option while serving, you should have options as small, medium and large sizes. When choosing a wholesale cardboard cup, the manufacturer of cardboard cups should know your needs. Cups can be in packages such as 50 cardboard cups, 25 or 100 cardboard cups. You should make sure that they are kept in the healthiest environments. For the most suitable paper cup prices and the most useful and healthy options, you can take a look at the Mottocup options.

What are the Units of Measure for Single Wall Paper Cups?

Units of measurement are expressed differently in cardboard cups. The value of ml in return for the value we see in oz is the most curious subject. An answer can be given regarding the number of ml in the cardboard cup, according to the amount of each oz. 1 oz is almost 30 ml, while 4 oz is 112 ml, 7 oz 200 ml, 8 oz 225 ml, 12 oz 340 ml, 14 oz 414 ml, 16 oz 473 ml, 22 oz 650 ml, 32 oz 946 ml . While 4-10 oz falls into the category of small paper cups, those above this number are offered for medium and large paper cup options.