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In today’s world, when consumption habits are increasing a lot, especially businesses such as companies, restaurants and cafes are using paper cups for beverage presentations. Since they are disposable, these cups provide a very practical presentation opportunity in areas where many people are served. In addition to being easily portable and cost-free, it is advantageous in terms of hygiene to be disposable.

In addition to appearing in public use areas, paper cup products that you can use in all areas of daily life can be produced in different designs from each other. In addition to the standard models that cater to every need and expectation, you can order printed paper cups with special design options and personalize your products. MottoCup, which is one of the paper cup factories, helps you with paper glass prices and a rich product variety that can appeal to every budget.

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Paper Cup Models in Different Designs and Sizes

Paper cup models, which are often preferred especially in self-service places, continue to meet every need with their different designs and sizes. Models prepared by mass production can be produced in large numbers in the same colors, sizes and designs. In addition to standard models, business usually create orders in designs with their own logo. These designs, which are more corporate and interesting, also provide ease of use.      These disposable products, which are also known as paper cups, are produced as  single-walled cardboard cups or double-walled cardboard cups according to the consumption needs.

The common purpose of these models, which you will choose according to the area of use and the beverage consumed, is to provide comfortable use. When looking at the sizes of paper coffee cups, it is generally seen that there are small, medium and large options. Starting with a 4 oz cardboard cup as a measure, the options can be continued with an 8 oz cardboard cup size and can have  12, 14, 16, 22 and 32 oz sizes. According to your usage needs, you can order the paper cups produced in these sizes in bulk and provide easy consumption.

Paper Cups Produced for Institutions

Paper coffee cups are one of the disposable products that we come across in many businesses and places. These glasses, which are called disposable products, are frequently preferred in corporate businesses as well as in every field.

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Coffee glass cardboard products, which are offered to customers as well as company employees, are one of the strategic products that will reflect the corporateness of the company. With printed paper cup models, a design that will reflect the company’s emblem, name or business can be embroidered on the cup. These options, which we usually see in cafes and restaurants, can also be seen in hospitals, clinics, official institutions or shopping malls. You can contact MottoCup to order wholesale Paper cups that can be used in any area where disposable products are needed.

Paper Cups Usage Areas

These disposable products, which provide easy transportation, provide ease of use, especially when we spend time outdoors. The fact that it is much lighter than glass, porcelain or plastic cups has made it easier to carry it to the desired place. For this reason, you can take these products with you along with the cardboard cup carrier on trips, family picnics or for any trip.

You can throw these products into the recycling bins without having to clean them after using them, which provide convenience in terms of cleaning as well as ease of transportation. Thanks to the possibility of recycling, the use of environmentally friendly paper cups is increasing day by day and beverage consumption is being facilitated in the increasing world population. Moreover Paper cup Turkey need is quite high. Because usage is high due to population density.

Production of Paper Cups

Due to its single use, coffee consumption in cardboard cups is high in places where many people are served. However, wholesale paper cup ordering is one of the most frequently made purchases. MottoCup, which is one of the paper cup manufacturers, also produces special design cardboard cups for the needs of corporate companies in addition to standard models.These products, which can be recycled, can be reused as environmentally friendly. You can review the MottoCup web address for disposable cups and all other disposable products that you will make for your business, and you can create bulk orders in the models, sizes and options you want. Serving as a paper cup factory, Mottocup delivers bulk orders on time. 

Paper Cup Sizes

The question of how many ml in a cardboard glass is one of the most researched topics. Especially in online orders, users pay attention to choosing the right size and size as they will place bulk orders. In addition to the model difference, the cup sizes may also be different from each other. 1 oz paper cup is 30 ml and the smallest cup size is 4 oz 112 ml. It has units of 7oz 200ml, 8oz 225ml, 12oz 340ml, 14oz 414ml, 16oz 473ml, 22oz 650ml and 32oz paper cup 946ml respectively.. In general, varieties of paper cups with logos are in demand in all sizes.

Paper Cup Prices

Since the cost of paper cups varies depending on many elements, cardboard cup prices have a wide scale. The most important factor determining the prices is whether the cups are single-walled or double-walled, their sizes, models and designs. Standard and medium-sized models are at a more minimal level compared to special design paper cups. However, the unit price and wholesale prices differ between each other.  While 100 orders of cardboard cups are placed for individual use, 3000 orders of paper cups are usually placed for corporate companies and enterprises. MottoCup, where you will benefit from an affordable price guarantee for wholesale orders, continues to offer high-quality disposable products for your business. You can also create an order now, and you can reach your orders as soon as possible with fast shipping. Paper cup Turkey prices forn learn communicate with us