Cardboard Cup Carrier

4 Viol Carrier.

Cardboard Cup Carrier

2 Viola Carriers.

Businesses that offer refreshments such as coffee and tea, especially gel-take-oriented businesses, use cardboard cup carrier products as well as cardboard cup products. These products ensure that the cardboard cups that carry hot and cold drinks do not burn your hands, and offer a convenient carrying option with multiple carrying capacities. Double and quadruple models are shown among the most preferred options. In Mottocup, you can also examine the cup carrier box models and choose them alongside your cardboard cup shopping.

Paper Cup Holder Models

We also know the carrier cartons, which provide great convenience in the transportation of cardboard cups and prevent drinks from spilling, by the name of coffee viol. There is not a wide variety of models as in cardboard cup, soup bowl style products. Only your preferences in terms of carrying capacity can be mentioned here. We see them as 2-pack cardboard cup carriers and 4-pack cardboard cup carriers. Customers use them to carry their coffee in take away style places. Cup carriers are produced in a thicker layer than other cardboard models. They are harder to break. Depending on the size of the cardboard cups, there may be different compartments in the carrier apparatus. Since the bases of the glasses are of the same size, they become standard, but for the expanding body parts, these carrier apparatuses have an arrangement accordingly. They are available suitable for 7.8, 9, 12, 14 and 16 oz paper cups.

Advantages of Using Paper Cup Holders

Using cup holder cardboard is a huge benefit for business owners and customers alike. The cup carrier option offers the convenience you want for your travels, for coffee with your friends or for the drinks you order to your office or home. It offers the possibility to carry up to 8 coffees at a time. There is a maximum of 4 carrying apparatus. Moreover, these products are rigid enough to weigh the transported load. Firms producing cardboard cups also subject these products to mass production in line with the carrying apparatus needs of the enterprises. They also cost considerably less in wholesale purchases. In addition, although these products have a disposable style, they can be carried with them on their travels, and they can be used continuously. These products also help in carrying them in bags. No spills or burns.

Paper Cup Holder Prices

Recently, with the spread of gel-take or courier services, a more practical search has been made for food and beverage containers. In addition to cardboard cups and food containers, options such as 2-cup carriers in coffee orders are very helpful in transporting products. It is environmentally friendly because it is in a structure that recycles in nature. Whether you prefer them individually for your travels or use them in your businesses, you can find options according to each carrying capacity. Cardboard cup carrier can be ordered as 2 or 4 pieces via Mottocup. In wholesale purchases, cardboard cup cardboard prices are much more advantageous. Moreover, your orders are delivered to your address in a short time. If you want to examine the viol carrier prices and models, you can get more detailed information from our website and contact us for your wholesale orders.