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Plastic products now take up a lot of space in our daily life as a “disposable” option. The use of plastic cup products, which are also preferred as beverage consumption, is an example of this. We come across the use of pet glasses in homes, workplaces, cafes, hospitals and many other areas. They are important in terms of providing hygiene as well as practical. Plastic pet cups, which we can find in thin and thick forms, can be preferred with very different features with their dimensions. The usage area is thus very wide and the rate of preference is increasing day by day. In Mottocup, plastic pet cups are available with the sizes and designs you need.

Types of Plastic Cups

Plastic pet cups have a variety according to their usage areas. The plastic cups you use at home usually have thinner forms. We carry these with us on our travels, and we meet our beverage needs in a practical way. However, different types of plastic cups are preferred in places such as offices, workplaces, hospitals or cafes. These are hard plastic cups, printed plastic cups or colored plastic cups for those who prefer a logo or design, a plastic cup with a lid with a straw for cold drinks, large plastic cup products if a large amount is preferred for drinks. In our homes or workplaces, there are thin and transparent plastic cups next to the water dispensers.

Usage Areas of Plastic Cups

If we explain plastic cups as a usage area, the list goes on and on. In fact, we are constantly witnessing the use of these products in our daily lives. They are located next to the water dispensers in our workplaces, offices, hospitals. Apart from their standard use, they are also available in different designs and sizes. They are preferred in larger sizes and with lids for cold drinks in cafes. The area where colored plastic cups are used is usually cafes and workplaces.

What are the Units of Measure in Plastic Cups?

People who want to prefer these products, which stand out with their practical and hygienic use, can consume their drinks in the sizes they need. At this point, users wonder how many ml a plastic cup is, as the needs will be different. In general, plastic pet cups are available in sizes such as 150 cc, 180 cc plastic cups, 350 cc, 400 cc, 500 cc.

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Plastic Cup Prices

Apart from its dimensions and usage areas, another distinguishing feature is the prices of plastic cups. The most important factor affecting the prices of plastic cups is the thin and thick plastic cup form and the design plastic cups with or without lids. If there is a plastic cup with a lid and a special printed plastic cup for your business, it will have a more special production feature. This also varies in price. Wholesale orders of 3000 or 1000 plastic cups can also provide more affordable prices. As Mottocup, the most special advantages are offered for your bulk plastic cup orders.

Advantages of Using Plastic Cups

These products, also known as disposable glasses, have advantages for both users, operators and organization owners.

  • Plastic cups can be found suitable for any environment with colored or transparent options.
  • Although they are generally suitable for cold drinks, they can be used even in hot drinks with varieties such as hard plastic cups.
  • There is a wholesale option and pet cup prices are less costly than others.
  • They are recyclable products. That is, they are not obtained from the tree. It can be obtained in these forms by recycling many products. Users can support recycling processes by recycling these products after
  • consumption. Thus, no harm is done to the environment.
  • They can be used in the consumption of all kinds of beverages with different sizes and forms.
  • They offer a hygienic use in organizations with a large number of places.


What Should Be Considered When Choosing Plastic Cups?

Users should pay attention to many points when choosing plastic pet cups. What you need to do is first of all, how much of a beverage is offered to the users on average. In how many ml of 1 pet glass, the minimum amount can be said to be almost 150 cc. This is standard usage. This figure is ideal if there will be treats such as soft drinks and water. However, if it is going to be cold coffee or a different beverage, products such as 350 cc will work. Moreover, you should prefer thick plastic cups for products such as cold or hot coffee. In a question such as how many ml a pet glass should be, the number of participation must be taken into account. In addition, if the usage area is entertainment-oriented such as birthdays and parties, colored plastic cups should be preferred instead of transparent. Different sizes should be taken completely for businesses, and food should be given to plastic cups with lids.